• Easter Best (for the big girls!)

    Happy first day of Spring!!! Can you believe it?! Easter is quickly approaching and if you haven’t found the perfect dress for your daughter yet, i’m hoping I can help with that! I put together a post on Easter outfits for baby & toddler girls a couple weeks ago, and I couldn’t leave my older girls out! I found some fun and pretty dresses for the bigger girlies and these will be great all the way through spring & summer! Perfect for Easter and beyond!!

  • Gap + Old Navy Sale

    Old Navy + Gap SALE! 40% off, no code needed! Guyssss! Quick! Old Navy and Gap are both having 40% off sales right now (and free shipping over $25), so i wanted to put together a quick post of all of my very favorite deals!! I know we all love a good sale, right? Right now the weather is warming up and it’s the perfect time to start shopping for spring and summer outfits! So here we go, here’s a couple of really cute spring ideas for little girls, big girls, and mamas. Happy Shopping!   For the littles: For the big girls: For the mamas:     *This post…

  • To my daughters,

    Happy International Women’s Day!!!! Celebrating women everywhere today!!! I am so proud to be raising fierce, fearless, powerful women. In honor of this day, i wanted to share a few thoughts I wrote for my daughters.

  • Easter Basket Ideas for girls

    Can you believe that Easter is less than a month away?! Ahh! So crazy! Last week I shared some of my favorite Easter dresses, and today I am so excited to share some of my favorite Easter basket ideas with you. Anyone else think holidays just get more fun when you have little ones to celebrate with?! I tend to go a little cray cray for all the holidays. I just love celebrating around here:) These are ideas geared towards little girls, around 18 months+, though several could be used for boys and older kiddos too! Charlotte is 21 months right now, and I created this basket with her in…

  • Easter Best- Baby & toddler girls

    Spring is coming!! And i couldn’t be more excited for melting snow and warmer weather. Easter is a little over a month away, and for us it’s one of the most important days of the year! Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays, and I can vividly remember being a little girl all dressed up in my Easter Sunday best, Easter brunch after church, the egg hunts at my grandma’s, eating ALL the chocolate eggs, and the sweet time spent with family. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Easter outfits for little girls, in case you’re…

  • DIY Dollhouse Makeover

    Happy Saturday, friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend:) I have had a lot of people ask me how I painted our dollhouse, so i decided to do a quick tutorial and hopefully answer all your questions! Unfortunately I didn’t take very many pictures along the way, so I’ll try my best to show you exactly what I did.

  • Charlotte’s Floral First Birthday

    Charlotte turned one in May last year, and I wanted to do an inexpensive DIY cake smash and first birthday shoot, so I scoured Pinterest for ideas! Cake smash sessions can be pretty expensive in our area, so I decided to do it myself and save some money. Don’t be afraid to have your own photo shoots and cake smashes with your babes!! It’s nice to have the professional first birthday pictures, but if you don’t have the extra money to spend, you can totally do it yourself and make it amazing! Whatever you chose to do, it will be so special. I didn’t really have a specific “theme” in…

  • About Me

    hi! I’m Melissa. Wife to my hero and very best friend + stay at home mom to three precious gifts, living in a suburb just outside of Anchorage, Alaska.

  • My heart behind the blog

    Thank you for visiting my blog!! I’m truly so happy you’re here. Grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile:) I created this space as a way to document my journey through motherhood, as well as lots of fun things like pictures of my girls, birthday parties, things I’m currently loving and want to share, recipes, house projects, and more. What you see on this blog is just a very small glimpse into my life. There is much more going on beneath the surface, and I hope you always know that this is my “highlight reel”, and not an accurate picture of what my life looks like. The messy house,…