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Today i am sharing a super quick, cheap, and easy way to display your daughter’s bows!! Any other girl mamas out there, go completely overboard when it comes to buying ALL the bows for your babes? *raises hand* 🤣 I kinda went crazy when I found out we were having our third girl, and i bought TONS of bows for her before she was even born. Way too many, if you ask my husband:)  I was so tired of never being able to find all our bows and always having them thrown everywhere, so I created a really cute way to display them in her room! This makes it SO easy to see all of them, and much easier to pick out the perfect one for outfits. 

This bow holder is made from a piece of wood and some gold hooks! That’s it! Told you it was easy, right? QUICK and EASY! Two of my favorite things when it comes to DIY. You could stain the wood or leave it natural, or paint it your favorite color! I chose a light pink paint cause that’s what I had on hand from a previous project, but i think white, light mint, or gold would’ve been really pretty also. You could also use spray paint instead of the regular paint, if you’d like. The possibilities are endless with this one.

This specific holder is meant for hanging headband bows (like the kind with the nylon stretchy band), or any band really. Next week, i’ll show you one that is perfect for clip bows! Now that Charlotte is older, we have completely switched over to clips so I really don’t use the stretchy bands anymore. I love the nylon bands because they’re perfect for newborns and babies/toddlers with very little hair. 

I used command strips to hang it on the wall, although i’m sure you could add some type of picture hanging hook to the back of the wood and hang it that way. It’s not heavy at all, so the command strips work perfectly! But like i said, this is super easy and versatile, and you could totally put your own spin on it.


What you need:
Wood (cut to size)// Mine is 2×24
Paint (color of your choice)
Gold hooks- 7/8 in. size
Measuring tape for spacing hooks
Command strips for hanging


Let’s get started!

Step 1:
Have your wood cut to size and gather your materials. Lowes or Home depot will usually cut your wood for free, you just have to tell them what size you want! The size of this holder is totally up to you! I made two bow holders, and each piece of wood is 24 inches long. The dimensions for each piece are 24 in. long, 1.5 in. wide, >1 inch thick. 

Step 2:
Paint or stain your wood. One coat should be more than enough, and then let dry for a couple hours. I found that sanding wasn’t necessary, because my wood was already pretty smooth except for a teeny bit on the ends. 

Step 3:
Decide how many hooks you want on each holder, and measure out the distance between each hook so they are evenly spaced. I didn’t measure beforehand (oops), so I kinda just visually decided where to place the hooks and I did mess up a little bit. You can see the empty holes where I moved the hooks around. They are far from perfect, but you can’t really tell unless you’re actually inspecting them. Trial and error is fine too! Haha. 

Each of mine are completely different- one has 10 hooks and the other has 14! So don’t worry if it’s not perfect.
Just have fun with it!

Step 4:
Screw your hooks into the bottom side of the wood. Super easy! You don’t need any tools or anything, just screw them in with your hands:) They should go in easily!

Step 5:
Add command strips to the back of the wood for hanging. As you can see, I didn’t paint the back of the wood because nobody will ever see that part. Unless you decide to do a tutorial and take pictures, like i’m doing haha:)

Step 6:
Find the perfect spot for hanging. Hang up your beautiful new holder, add those bows, and admire your hard work!! 🙂

Have fun creating!


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6 responses to “DIY// Easy Headband Bow Holder”

  1. How cute! Such a great way to keep all the bows organized. I love finding DIY projects that are simple, effective, and save money.

  2. This is very nifty especially if you have tons of bows.

  3. Cute! I don’t have kids but I might need to do one of these for myself….my headband / bandana obsession is getting out of control!

  4. Emily says:

    This is so cute!! Perfect for displaying all the headbands!

  5. Emily says:

    This is the cutest thing ever!!!! I love it!!! So creative!

  6. Tatiana says:

    Oh my. My daughters bows and pretty much everything she wears in her hair are always all over the place! Need a way to organize it, great tutorial!

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