DIY Cutest Face Cake Toppers!!

Who wouldn’t want their babe’s sweet face on any surface you could get it?! These are the sweetest cake or cupcake toppers that will add a personal touch to any party, and they are SO easy and fun to make! I mean, how cutteee right?! The best part is, they are so easy to personalize and use your choice of colors, patterns, and photos! I am going to show you how to make them!

DIY Birthday Cake Toppers!


  • -photos of the birthday boy or girl (I ordered 4×6 and made sure his face was clear and also changed the colors to black and white). It’s okay to have different sized faces if you wanted! Most of mine were about the same size.
  • -Scrapbooking/craft cardstock paper of your choice
  • -various colors craft pom poms or gold stars
  • -scissors
  • -hot glue gun or craft glue
  • -glue stick
  • lollipop sticks (or paper straws or wooden skewers)
  1. 1. Grab all your supplies and put on your favorite podcast or show to listen to while making these:)
  2. 2. Cut around all the faces (be sure to take your time so your cuts look clean and not messy)
  3. 3. Using craft paper of your choice, cut out different triangles in different colors and patterns. The shape of triangle you do is totally up to you! You can make them long or shorter and fat, or do all different!
  4. 4. Using your glue stick to draw a thin line of glue, attach the bottom of the triangle to the top of the head
  5. 5. With a hot glue gun, add different colored pom poms to the tops of your party hats. (A glue gun worked best for me to really get them to stay!)
  6. 6. Get your lollipop sticks and use the glue gun to attach the assembled face to the stick.
  7. 7. Yay! You did it!! Your toppers are now ready to stick in any cake or cupcake!!

The possibilities are endless! You could even make a garland by stringing the faces onto ribbons and hanging up at your party. You could also use them as confetti to sprinkle around, give with party favors, stick them onto surfaces like balloons, invitations, paper cups, anything! So fun!!!

I would love to hear if you make some of your own! Hope you have a great day!!


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