Simple And Sweet Maileg Birthday Party

Our sweet sweet girl turned two last weekend!! I just can’t believe it’s been two years with her. So sad that she’s no longer a baby! This is probably my favorite age ever. It’s such a sweet age and every day is so much fun with her. I wish she’d stay 2 forever and I’m treasuring it all so much and wishing I could keep her this little always. 

Happy birthday, sweet girl! You are absolute JOY and we love you so very much!

I wanted to share a few (OKAY, maybe more than a few) sweet pictures and details from her small birthday celebration we had. This was my effort to make it feel special and memorable for her, without it being too crazy. Most of the party decorations I already had, so I didn’t even buy very much except for the cake, balloons, and party dress. I kept it pretty simple, and the only major thing I really went out of my way to do was create this pink balloon arch. And guys..IT WAS SO EASY! Like, so so easy. I am actually in shock at how simple it was, and it makes such a statement for any celebration! My tutorial is coming next, promise!!

**Update!! HERE is my balloon arch tutorial:)

I’ll also have a quick tutorial on how to make these little balloon cake toppers (again, SO easy and cheap!), and they add such a cute touch to the cake. The color possibilities are endless too. I like to buy our cakes plain without anything added on top, so that way I can add my own toppers, flowers, berries + anything i like.
If you have any questions about anything else, just let me know!! 🙂

I didn’t even plan on making this a “Maileg” party, but since her mice and bunnies were just sitting there looking so sweet I decided to include them so they could celebrate too! They were the perfect party guests. They’re great at celebrating, with their tiny plates and pieces of cake, pretty party outfits, and mini balloons. And they’re pretty enough to be decorations, y’all. These are Charlotte’s favorite toys for sure, so it was so fun to “include” them in the party decorations! 

I wrote a post here about our obsession with Maileg, if you want to check it out! 

Hope you guys like pictures of pretty things! I have so much fun celebrating my girls and making their birthdays special, and we all had so much fun celebrating our precious baby!!
Enjoy! :)) Hope you find some inspiration for your next celebration!

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Cake- Sierra’s Sweet Treats
If you’re in Anchorage, definitely check her out!!! Her cakes AMAZING and so affordable!

“2” Wooden cake topper

“2” Rose gold balloon
Small pink balloons
Pink and white balloons
Rose gold balloons
Clear confetti, pink, + rose gold balloons
Artisan confetti

Maileg mice and bunnies// here and here (search “maileg”)
Swan in tutu





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  1. KrisBeeMama says:

    What a fun birthday for your daughter!

  2. Lynneah says:

    This is too cute!! Love the whole color scheme! And that cake is stunning!

  3. Tramayne says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlotte Magnolia! That is such a beautiful name. Did you really do that balloon arch by yourself? I can’t wait for your tutorial!

  4. Lifewithzg says:

    Your daughter is too cute! But most of your photos won’t open would love to take a look at it. Did you DIY the balloon arch too? I want to learn how!

  5. This is tooooo ADORBS!!! <3 Can't wait to have a daughter someday!!! This is definitely a great birthday party inspiration 🙂

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