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I am absolutely smitten with a whimsical children’s toy brand I recently discovered, called Maileg. Maileg is a Danish company, with the sweetest, most well made heirloom children’s toys. It starts with one tiny little mouse in a matchbox bed… and before you know it, you’re completely obsessed and wanting every single item this brand makes. The attention to detail is just amazing and so so adorable. I mean, this tiny mop and bucket?! CAN YOU EVEN?! So cute. If you have little kiddos who love playing pretend and love all things mini, check out Maileg! They are truly some of the sweetest toys I’ve found for my girls.

Warning: You WILL fall in love with Maileg, and these magical little mice and bunny creatures will take all your money! I warned you;)

These toys are perfect for every age, girls and boys alike. My girls range in age from 22 months to 10, and I can promise you all three of them LOVE playing with these sweet toys. In fact, earlier this week they woke up super early before school and wanted to play with their mice. They could spend hours playing pretend, putting the mice in their boxes, feeding them, tucking them in, having tea parties, etc. Heck, I’m a grown lady and even i love them! I would have loved playing with these as a kid. They are so much fun and inspire so much creativity and imagination.   

From Maileg’s website, “Our products are made using natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool, wood, and metal. We do not use plastic except for the polyester filling for our stuffed toys. Each toy is hand-made or at least hand finished. This means not every toy will be exactly the same. We believe it gives our toys character and charm that plastic toys made out of a mold, just cannot match. Sometimes an ear may be slightly lower than the other or one leg may skew a little left. These are not defects in our mind, but make each toy unique just like the children that are playing with them.”

The mice make their homes out of resources they would have found in the real world, hence the matchbox beds, cigar boxes, shoe boxes, and little tin suitcases. 

I think it’s so sweet that the Maileg mice and bunnies are built around family characters. There is mum and dad, bride and groom, grandma and grandpa, big sister mice, little sister, big brother, little brother, baby twins, cousin mice, and lots of other members of the fam, even bunny relatives and more. They are all just one big happy family!

This was our first Maileg order, and i’ve been hooked ever since. 

Each mouse in a matchbox comes with it’s own clothing, mattress, pillow, and blanket so they are nice and cozy in their beds. Some mice come in little tin suitcases, some in matchboxes, some in cigar boxes or they are also sold by themselves, without a box at all. Depending on which set you get, they may or may not come with a little matchbox bed.

Each item is so thoughtfully detailed and crafted. My husband thought this was a real cigar box! Haha. 

Like i said before, the attention to detail is just incredible. This precious Princess and the pea set, comes with 6 super soft mattresses, a pillow, blanket, princess mouse complete with pink tulle dress and golden crown, and a sweet castle box. The little green pea is sewn onto the mattress, so your kids won’t lose it or put it in their mouth’s like my Charlotte tried to do. 

I am absolutely obsessed with all things mini. Everything is just 1000% cuter in the mini version. 

My girls love having little mice tea parties, complete with freshly brewed coffee and yummy desserts. 

These mice twins are out for a walk in a sweet wooden pram.

I am pretty sure these pictures will speak for themselves, and convince you that you NEED some Maileg in your life:)

Maileg also just came out with a bunch of new items this past month, and I love them all so much! Several of these are currently on my wish list, like this married mouse couple, stroller, mop and bucket, chairs, and high chair. I am hoping I can slowly add to our collection little by little. 

One of my favorite places to shop for Maileg is from The Baby Cubby. They offer free shipping on all US orders, and they have some of the best customer service I’ve found. I think this is one of the only shops I’ve found that offers free shipping on Maileg! They also have a rewards program, which is great to rack up points every time you order. AND they price match!!! Woop woop. How awesome is that?!

The Baby Cubby also sells these PRECIOUS tiny ezpz mats for your little creatures. Guys, I died when i saw these. I’m not kidding, they may be the cutest things i’ve ever seen! If your babe uses the regular sized ezpz mat, then they could twin with their dolls with this mini!


A few other shops I love that also carry Maileg-

Rose and Rex
Maileg USA

Boutique Little
My Sweet Muffin
Norman and Jules


Whew! That was long. And I know I overloaded you with pictures! Thanks for sticking with me until the end:) I couldn’t help but share lots of photos because the details are just the sweetest AND I have a problem with taking too many pictures. always. 

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