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Well hello friends!! 

It’s been such a long time since I’ve shared anything on here, and boy I’ve missed this sweet space!
Because I have been sent so many questions about our Maileg dollhouse and it’s dimensions, sizes of furniture, mouse varieties and sizes etc, I thought I’d put this post together, with answers to hopefully all your questions! I will share everything I can about our house and furniture, and of course lots of pictures because I can’t help myself:) I hope this is helpful!!
We have been loving and playing with Maileg for 3 years now and these mice continue to be some of my favorite things ever. They bring so much joy cause they are just so stinkin cute!And thank you so much for supporting my blog and sharing such kind comments with me:) I appreciate every single one of you who stops by here!!

We have had several different dollhouses over the years before we landed on the large bookshelf style, and I’ll try and share what I thought of each size and love about each!

If there is anything I didn’t answer, please feel free to comment and I will do my best to help!

The first dollhouse we had was this Victorian house that I scored off marketplace and painted white! I was so excited to snag this sweet house and it’s absolutely beautiful on the outside. The only downside that I didn’t like is that the inside is tiny and will not fit really any of the Maileg furntiure. As we began to grow our collection, I quickly realized it wouldn’t be big enough and we ended up searching for a bigger house.

The next dollhouse we had was the amazing Maileg ginger house!! This one is a large wooden house with one big room downstairs and a little loft upstairs. It’s dimensions are approx. 19″ x 25.5″ x 26.5″. The cloth tarp over the house is removable and we used it both with and without the covering. The room was small if you wanted to squeeze a large variety of furniture in it, and wouldn’t fit the kitchen and tables and chairs, beds, etc. It best fits a living room set up as opposed to a kitchen, bed rooms, dining, and the whole house set up. This house has been discontinued and the only way you could probably find it is on resale sites! We did LOVE this one, but also didn’t have the space for so many dollhouses (ha), so this one went to a different home. 

We also had the Olli Ella Holdie house for a bit! This one is a small, portable wooden house that is seriously cute. It does not really fit any of the Maileg furniture pieces, but super cute to tote around a few mice or bunnies! Dimensions 10.5” H x 9.5” D x 10.23” L, weighs 3.3 lbs. Very cute for smaller spaces and more on-the-go play for your little ones. 

Once we got the Maileg kitchen, I knew we needed a bigger house:) It’s very large at about 13″ tall! As you can see, grandpa mouse has to cook on a chair to reach the stove! The scale of the mice to the kitchen is about 1/12 (more barbie sized in my opinion), whereas the mice would probably fit better with 1/6 furniture scale if you wanted it to be smaller like them. Kitchen dimensions are approx: 12.5″ wide, 12.5″ high, and about 5″ depth. 

Most of the houses I tried out didn’t fit the kitchen inside it, so I was so excited to score this bookshelf on marketplace! I shared more about painting it and DIY here. Dimensions of this Pottery Barn bookshelf are: almost 51″ tall, 4o” wide, 11″ depth. The top shelf (from the highest point), measures about 22″ high and the two lower shelves about 12″ high each. 

Most of the small food accessories came from Our Generation sets like this one and this one! They have the cutest little food items that are the perfect size for mice. Another CUTE option for mini foods are these surprise mini food sets! Anything miniature is just the cutest, right?

Mouse sizing: Here are a few measurements of the different sized mice!Medium mice: measure about 13″ tall (without her hat)
Grandparent and parent mice: 6.5″ tall
Big brother/big sister: 5″ tall
Little brother/little sister: 4″ tall
Baby mice twins: 3″ tall

Mini bunnies: approx 9-10″ tall (depending on ears)

The wallpaper I used is a gold dot peel and stick! So easy! I couldn’t find the exact one I used, but it is basically the same as this, but in gold. Amazon has lots of options!

I DIY-ed and added little accessories like this sweet picture frame using a maileg receipt photo!

We just really, really, really love these mice at our house. They are so fun and cute and gosh it’s truly addicting to keep adding mice members to the family! The people behind Maileg sure are genius;)

And now… a photo dump and lots of random pictures! Enjoy friends!!



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