Our Maileg Dollhouse

Hey friends!! It’s been forever since I’ve posted anything on here ahh! Finally sharing our Maileg dollhouse, which i’ve been meaning to share for months now!! I’ve gotten so many questions on where I got everything in the house, so I’ll try and link everything, but most everything is the brand Maileg, and was purchased from my fabulous friend over at Lollipop Cabin. She’s the sweetest and she will be having a huge black friday sale, so keep an eye out:) She also offers free shipping on anything in her shop! The dollhouse is an old bookshelf that I painted and re purposed into our sweet Maileg house! You can usually find lots of these on Marketplace or local yard sales, but if you want to be able to fit the Maileg kitchen (it’s huge compared to the mice!), you’ll need to make sure that one of the shelves it at least 13″ tall. I searched for a while because every house I found was too short and didn’t fit the retro kitchen, which was a must. Here’s the only “before” picture I have from the marketplace listing, but I just painted it all white, added a back to the lower shelf, and added wallpaper. It was pretty easy to fix it up and it’s a nice, solid + heavy house. A little tip on Maileg furniture: the furniture line is so much bigger than the little micro sized mice. The mice generally measure anywhere from 3-5″, and the furniture for them is a lot bigger! (the kitchen is 13″ tall). I love having this big house, so we can fit lots of mice and furniture in it:) The Melissa and Doug house we had before this didn’t fit any of the furniture, so sadly I let it go and got this one instead.

Sources// mini frame-Hobby Lobby in the dollhouse section. I just added in the bunny photo from a Maileg cardstock receipt!

Sources// All Maileg in the photo above is from HERE

Sources// baby swing// potty, crib, and changing table are all Maileg, from HERE

Sources// mini macrame wall hanging// mini macrame plant hanger

Sources// Mini teepee and rug// Little plant topiary// House decals

Sources// Mini pennant banner// Mini star garland

Let me know if you have any other questions about anything!!!


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  1. Danielle says:

    Love this! Is all the other furniture 1:12 scale? Where did you get the couch and lamp from?

  2. Valerie says:

    Your dollhouse is gorgeous! I have the exact same one 🙂 What size are the beds? Trying to figure out what sizes I need for ours. Are the chairs and benches mini or micro size?

    Thank you

  3. Kelci says:


    On the wallpaper, did you use actual wallpaper or a heavy paper? What did you use for glue?

    Do you ever wish the house closed up? I’m debating on a couple different houses. And also, how tall is the overall height of the house?

    Thank you!! Simply amazing!! xo

  4. Corinne says:

    This is just so wonderful! My kids already have a dollhouse but you make me want to have another full of Maileg just for me! Hehe! Pls let me know if your friend still sells the dollhouse- your link isn’t working.

  5. Shannon Kelly says:

    Hey! I LOVE your Maileg house! I was actually able to find the same dollhouse bookcase on marketplace and am in the process of fixing up for my daughters birthday. Couple questions…
    the wallpaper you used, is it actual wallpaper or just craft paper that you adhered to the backing? Also, where are the food sets from? I recognize some as Maileg but can’t find the coffee pot, ketchup, mustard and other condiment type stuff.

    Thanks so much for your help!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi!! Thank you so much!!! Ohh awesome! So, the wallpaper is an actual wallpaper roll from Target. It’s sticky and so I just stuck it onto the back walls very easily. You could also use scrapbook paper or something similar and probably just use modge podge to adhere it. Some of the food is Maileg, and others are from Barbie or Our Generation from target! I am going to link one of the food sets we bought, let me respond as a comment. Thanks again!!

    • Melissa says:

      This is the link for ALL of the food sets we have- It’s part of a huge diner set, and I know you can probably find some of the food on it’s own!! But this is just specifically where the coffee pot, mustard, etc are 🙂 HOpe this helps!! https://amzn.to/2VKR1nJ

  6. Vicki Simpson says:

    It’s so adorable!! I love little mice… at 61, am I too old to do this?? My husband and I have a motorcycle with a sidecar, is that Maileg als

    • Melissa says:

      haha! Never too old!! 🙂 I feel the same way. They’re just the cutest little toys ever.

  7. Marria says:

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  8. Marilyn says:

    Where did you get the fried eggs?

  9. Toni Edwards says:

    Hi could I possibly get some measurements from this dolls house – it’s looks great and I would love something similar sized as I know it works with Maileg ❤️

  10. Vicky McCay says:

    Did you make the kitchen set, the stove, oven, fridge. If so are you selling the plans? Your design is wonderful.
    Vicky McCay

    Thank you

  11. Allison C K says:

    Hi! Where is the cheese see saw from? Everything is so adorable!

  12. Bente says:

    I just love what you have done,so adorable ,I just got back from Norway and purchased a collection of mice and accessories,I would love to add to my collection , I used your link to the on line shop but they are closed till the middle of June,do you know if they ship to Canada??

  13. Darlene Sittler says:

    Love love love!! We have started venturing into Maileg and we are putting together a dollhouse for our little as a recovery gift. Where did you get that clear door refrigerator?

  14. Allie says:

    Hi! Can you please share the dimensions of the house?? Would love to try and recreate something similar!

  15. Ashley says:

    Hi! I would also love measurements so I could get a similar one made! Thanks!

  16. Reannan Ross says:

    This is amazing! I’m just in the process of doing a Maileg House for my daughters 5th birthday this weekend. My MIL is bringing a bunch of the furniture from Denmark. I can’t wait until it’s all finished. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  17. Britnee says:

    Hi, just wanted to say how darling your house is! I’m wondering where the cheese seesaw is from & the red mouse wheel? Thanks so much!

  18. Britnee says:

    Oh also the fridge:) love the clear front!

  19. Christy says:

    Hi! I love your house! Where is your refrigerator from?

  20. Amber says:

    Hi! I’m just curious as to where I could find the pink chair that you have showing in the kitchen? Is that Maileg? I’m not able to find it anywhere!!

  21. Sabina von Munk says:

    Hi! I’m wondering where you got the sofa and lounge chair from ?

  22. Emily M says:

    Aw that’s such a sweet dollhouse! 💛

  23. Margie Deichman says:

    That’s the cutest dollhouse I’ve ever seen.It’s so imaginative. Margie

  24. jessica says:

    I really would like to do this but am having a hard time finding the right dollhouse/shelving unit. Do you know the brandname of your house? Thank you kindly in advance.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Jessica! I found my dollhouse on Marketplace, but I believe the brand is Pottery barn kids 🙂 I’ve seen several pottery barn kids book cases that look exactly like mine! I’d try to search for that and see what you can find 🙂 Good luck!!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Jessica! The brand of my dollhouse is Pottery barn kids, i believe. I found it on marketplace, and I would just try and search “house bookcase” or “kids house bookshelf” or something along those lines. I see them listed on sale sites often! Hope this helps!!

  25. Allie says:

    Hi! Where did you find the metal chairs? The white and pink ones!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Allie!! The metal chairs are all the brand “Maileg”. I found them from several different shops, and I would just try and search “maileg retailer” in google, and any shops who sell Maileg may have them! Off the top of my head, I would try The Baby Cubby, Lollipop Cabin, Rose and REx, and Maileg.com. Hope this helps!

  26. Linda Mathis says:

    Oh my stars, love your Maileg dollhouse. What an inspiration. I just so happened to be on a search for “clear door refrigerators” and your beautiful site popped up. Your fridge is the perfect size and description. I am curious, where did you find yours?


    • Melissa says:

      Wow!!! Thank you so much, Linda! 🙂 You are so kind and made my day! That fridge came with a wooden dollhouse set that my girls got for Christmas 3 years ago. Let me see if I can do some searching and find it for you! I know the dollhouse came from Toys R Us, so I’m not sure if it’s available anymore:(

  27. Dominika M. says:

    Hello. So I started collecting maileg because I want to surprise my daughter for christmas. Any chance u know what brand is this bookshelve? I am in love what u have done to it.(part of me wants the house for me haha). It is absolutely magical!!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi!! I am pretty sure the bookshelf is pottery barn kids 🙂 I found it on FB marketplace!

  28. Claire says:

    Hi, can you please let me know where you found the stock tank farmhouse style tub? been looking everywhere thanks kindly!

  29. Salomé says:

    Hi! Love love love your work in this dollhouse. Please tell me: the mice are all micro? What size have you chosen? The bigger ones (mom and das) would fit also? Thank you…

    • Melissa says:

      Hi! yes all the mice are the smallest size (micro!)! Mom and dad are a little bit bigger than the kids, but not much. All the mice fit and they are all between about 3-6 inches tall 🙂

  30. Julia says:

    Hi! Like the other comments, I love your dollhouse creation. I found the same bookcase and plan to create a similar set up. Your paint job looks great! What type of paint did you use? Was it spray paint or paint with a brush? Did you sand before painting? Thanks for the help!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi!! I used chalk paint 🙂 I just bought white paint at the store (cheapest brand) and then used this chalk paint mix in that I found on amazon! I also used a foam brush. I found that the foam brush paints smoother and leaves less streaks then the bristles! I did not sand any of it before! Hope that helps and i’m so sorry for the late reply!!!

    • Melissa says:

      I would try this!!! https://amzn.to/3pBu99K

  31. Pia says:

    Dear Melissa,
    Could you let me know the measurements of the dollhouse? I want to build one myself and yours looks perfect!

  32. Would the largest Maileg animals fit the scale of the furniture? I notice this house is populated by the smallest ones. At least I think that’s the case.

    My hubby and I have been researching to make our granddaughter a similar house for months. Glad we found you! Yours is lovely!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi!! Yes the smallest mice fit the scale of the furniture! Maileg sells different sizes of furniture, and as you can see the kitchen is really big for the small mice! But generally, the beds, little tables and chairs, etc, will fit the smallest mice animals!! You’re right, the house is filled with the smallest sizes! Hope that helps!! 🙂

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