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Happy Saturday, friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend:) I have had a lot of people ask me how I painted our dollhouse, so i decided to do a quick tutorial and hopefully answer all your questions! Unfortunately I didn’t take very many pictures along the way, so I’ll try my best to show you exactly what I did.



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It took me about 2 weeks (give or take) to finish the whole thing. I had to let each side dry before starting another (because it was leaning on it’s side), and I did 3 coats per side. Since it’s white, the pink showed through on the first and even the second coat. I also painted all the door and window trims grey and then decided i didn’t like it, so i redid them all white again. That took me forever, because it took like 5 hours just to tape off all the dang trims! I wish i hadn’t wasted so much time taping off every single trim, then this project would’ve gone a lot faster! If I had sanded down all of the pink plastic-y stuff, i probably would have only needed 1-2 coats.


It’s definitely not a perfect paint job, and if you look closely (especially around the stairs), you’ll see i made several mistakes and it’s far from perfect! But from far away, it looks pretty good:)


Anyways, without further ado, here’s how i did it!

This is the dollhouse I used, this Heirloom Victorian dollhouse. You can find it on Melissa and Doug’s website and also Amazon or Target. One of my friends told me she found it for $50 at Marshall’s, so check there too. I was so lucky to find it for just $20 on my local Facebook sales page!!! It’s very heavy, sturdy, and solid, and I was so excited to find it for such an awesome price. We didn’t necessarily *need* another dollhouse, but at that price, I couldn’t pass it up, am I right? If you’re in search of a dollhouse, i would check your local sales pages or Craigslist before heading to the store and paying full price!

To paint the dollhouse, I decided to use chalk paint because I didn’t want to have to sand the whole thing (i wanted the least work possible ha). Chalk paint is one of the best things ever! I’ve used chalk paint on other projects before, and in my opinion, it’s just the easiest way to go. Instead of paying $$$ for pre-mixed chalk paint, I used THIS chalk paint mix-in. (Exact one is no longer available, so I found THIS one and it’s the same thing!) It cost about $20 vs paying $35+ for just a quart of already-mixed chalk paint. It works great and you can use it on several projects! Just make sure you follow their directions for exactly how to mix it into your paint.


I chose white for the house because I wanted it to look classic, timeless, & neutral.  I hope to pass it on to my grand-kids one day;) it fits in so well with our decor and that’s exactly what I wanted. It looks pretty in our living room and doesn’t clash or look out of place.

WHO KNEW that a simple, white paint would be SO hard to pick out? Has anybody ever tried to chose a shade white before? #thestruggle. There are so many different shades it can be overwhelming, so I just picked a basic white in the cheapest brand i could find and called it a day. I could have spent hours staring at every little white paint card, but nobody has time for that!

Supply List:

I got all my supplies at Lowes, except for the Mix-in, which is from Amazon. I did not take a picture of the paintbrush I used, but it’s just a basic round top chalk paint brush. You can find them at most hardware stores and Amazon. They can get a little pricey, but I just went with the most inexpensive one i could find- it worked perfectly!


The man in the paint section at Lowes told me to go with a Flat paint since i was going to mix in chalk paint, so that’s what i went with. It is also recommended to NOT use a paint+primer with the mix-in, but I didn’t read the directions until i got home, so I just used it anyways. I wasn’t about to drag my toddler back out into the snow in freezing temps to try and get another can!

These are the only two pictures I have from before I started painting. I wish i had taken more photos of the process! I painted every night on my bedroom floor with Christmas wrapping paper to protect the carpet from paint, LOL. Thank goodness i didn’t ruin the carpet, cause the paper did tear in a few places (oops).

And that’s it! Once I had done 3 coats of paint on each side, I let it dry for a full day and then applied the wax coat. You just brush it on with a paintbrush and then wipe off the excess with a lint free cloth. I let the wax dry for a day before letting my girls play with it.

It was really time consuming to paint all the nooks and crannies, so for that reason I left the inside alone. It definitely would have been much easier to paint this dollhouse if it wasn’t already put together. If you buy it new, I would suggest painting it BEFORE you put it all together! Then you could knock out the exterior and interior pretty quickly. I had initially wanted to redo the inside as well, but it would’ve taken me forever and i was ready to finish. It comes with wallpaper and several different tiles in each room which i think looks super vintage and fun! We still need to furnish it, but here’s a view of the inside.

the kitchen

the bathroom

The top floor is the baby nursery. Check out that wall paper!

Sitting room/formal living room

Living room

I also made these sweet little wreaths to put on the front door of the house. Aren’t they so cute?! They are tiny and the size of my palm! All you need is a tiny grapevine wreath and some small flowers or greens! Whichever kind you like. Michaels and Hobby Lobby have both.

I made these from two of Charlotte’s headbands! You know, the stretchy kind with the nylon band? I just folded and tucked the nylon behind the floral so you can’t see it. I didn’t actually glue them onto the mini wreath, so I can easily take them off and switch them out, or have her wear them. All I did to secure them was use a little floral wire, and wrapped the wire around the flower headband to secure it to the wreath. Here she is as a tiny babe, sporting said headbands:) oh my heart

I used the same floral wire to create a small “hook” and just bent it over the door. Easy peasy! I just think they are the cutest and add such a sweet touch to the house:)



I hope this helps! If you give your dollhouse a makeover, i’d love to see!!! Let me know if i can answer any other questions:)



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  1. Mandy Barraza says:

    It’s so beautiful! I even want to make one just for fun now!!

  2. Patricia Barraza says:

    I absolutely love the dollhouse and I think the interior colors are sooo unique and quaint!!!! I can see the girls, especially Charlotte, playing w/the dollhouse for years to come!!!

  3. alicefaggi says:

    Ahhhh, this is adorable. I’m dying over that tiny wreath. Great project!!

  4. happylifeblogspot says:

    Wow! This is absolutely stunning!! You did a beautiful job

  5. What a great project! And that little wreath! So cute.

  6. This doll house is beautiful and a perfect home for a Maileg family❤️

  7. kle says:

    Can you please tell me (1) where you purchased the two twin beds that are pictured in the Melissa and Doug Victorian Dollhouse nursery and the (2) brand name? Please send the dimensions and a recommendation where I might find something comparable if the twin dollhouse children beds are no longer available. Thanks…

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