I have loved Etsy for as long as I can remember. My very first purchase on Etsy was a printable birthday invitation for my daughter’s birthday party in 2012, and back then I really didn’t even have a clue what Etsy was or how it worked! I was brand new to online Etsy shopping at that point, and since then I have purchased from countless shops and fallen in love with every item I receive. From handmade birthday dresses to personalized gifts to wedding invitations, I don’t think there’s anything you CAN’T find on Etsy! 

Etsy recently launched a campaign called #StandWithSmall, which was created to help support small business owners during this hard time. Small businesses need our support more than ever now, and one way you can help is by shopping through Etsy, which has more than two million independent sellers and small businesses. In honor of supporting small businesses and my love for shopping small, I put together a list of some of my very favorite Etsy shops. For now, I decided to spotlight small Etsy shops that I have actually purchased from and actually own some of their items 🙂 I LOVE these shops, and you can support them even now from home. There are TONS of amazing, amazing Etsy shops and I encourage you to browse and check them out!! I could scroll and window shop on there forevverrrr, just oohing and aaahing at all the beauty that these shop owners create. It’s one of my favorite pastimes, ha 🙂

Check out Etsy’s #StandWithSmall Editor’s Picks page here! Together, let’s stand with small.

This collaboration is with Etsy and includes affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my blog! 

1. Oh Dear Clothes– This sweet dress that I ordered for Charlotte’s 2nd birthday is SO dear to me and something I will cherish forever. Can you even, with the delicate embroidery?! It is SO well made and so beautiful, truly a work of art! Check out Oh Dear Clothes if you are searching for a super special handmade dress or romper. I now have it hung in her room as artwork, and even though it doesn’t fit her anymore, I appreciate it’s beauty every day. You can find this exact dress here

2. Fancy Free Finery– For sure one of my ALL TIME favorite Etsy shops. A girl mama’s dream! As I was scrolling through my Etsy history, I realized I have purchased over 10 times from Fancy Free Finery! Katie makes beautiful handmade felt flower headbands & clips, cake toppers, and garlands, and every product she comes out with is just spectacular. I love her products so much, and have a cake topper for all 3 of my girls that we use every year + tons of headbands. (You can see one of her flower headbands in action in the photo above!) Definitely check her shop out! Find the star cake topper here

3. Hailey Creative– I recently discovered Hailey’s shop and was BLOWN AWAY by how beautiful her artwork is. I ordered several of her prints right away, and couldn’t put this beautiful Savior- He is Light print up fast enough. It brings me so much joy! All of her pieces are created from her original acrylic paintings and printed on unstretched matte canvas paper, and the detail is just unreal. I can’t express how much I love these paintings! 

4. Squishy Dough– This soft, natural, squishy play doh is AMAZING. Trust me on this! I ordered a pack for Easter baskets last year, and my girls squealed and played for hours with this yummy smelling dough. Heidi creates scents such as Cherry, Froot Loops, Cotton Candy, Blueberry, Pineapple/Coconut, Lemon and more. The scents are so fun and the texture is perfect! Less crumbly and more squishy than other brands of play doh. I highly recommend this shop for a fun play doh gift for any kid, and she also has party favors too! We love this stuff!
5. Alexis Mattox Design– I have ordered several wooden cake toppers from Alexis Mattox Design, and have LOVED every one. Her prices are SO affordable and these wooden cake toppers are amazing quality! I searched for a longg time, and couldn’t find any other shops with prices as affordable as hers. She also makes custom cake toppers, party banners, paper goods and more. The number “2” can be found here, and the wooden “one” can be found here

6. INVITED by Audriana– I love this shop for party invitations and printables! I think party invitations are probably my favorite thing to browse through on Etsy, and this shop has tons of beautiful designs. I really love this “Darling, today you are one” print that I ordered years ago for Charlotte’s first birthday. Her designs would be the perfect final touch to any party!

7. Pictura Poema– This shop specializes in custom personalized portraits. Every illustration is hand drawn by Rae, and every detail is so special and beautiful! I will always cherish this beautiful illustration of my girls, and one day I’d love to order a hand drawn wedding portrait too. These make amazing grandparent or anniversary gifts! So fun!!

8. The Story Stop– I have a whole blog post dedicated to this beautiful tiny door, and it is still one of my very favorite products from Etsy! Kirsten’s miniature doors and magical fairy windows and book doors are delightful and SO fun for a little bit of whimsy in your home. She is SO kind and will customize your door exactly how you’d like it. Please check out her shop and be enchanted by her beautiful creations!! 

9. Art Petsy– This shop specializes in custom house portraits, pet portraits, and family portraits, taken from your own photos! I have been wanting a custom watercolor painting of our first home for a LONG time, and this is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something super affordable! This is the most affordable price I’ve ever seen for these house portraits! Eventually I may order something more detailed/custom, but these portraits are really so beautiful! Check out Art Petsy here

These are just a few of the MANY awesome shops on Etsy and I hope this inspires you to shop small and support small businesses right now! Make your own wish list, and with Mother’s Day coming up, now would be perfect time to order that special gift for your mom or any mom in your life! What are your favorite things to find on Etsy? I’d love to know your favorite shops so I can check them out and support them too!! 🙂

Happy Shopping! 

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