These are the days of…


These are the days of…

-Sllooowwww mornings with no where to go and just soaking in the stillness
-School in our pajamas most days
-Long walks and daily bike rides through our neighborhood- soakin up the outdoors any chance we get
-Sweet weekday mornings with all of us home, waking up to the sounds of breakfast made being downstairs (english muffin sandwiches-my favorite)
-Windows open and letting in alllll the fresh air and sunshine
-Zoom meetings with friends and family
-Scheduling Facetime “playdates” with the girl’s friends.. is this the new normal?
-Needing lots of grace and patience for our first semester homeschooling (which also happens to be during a global pandemic)
-Lots of reading, praying, time with Jesus, & sipping cold coffee
-The only “outing” being the grocery store and that feels like freedom
-Grilling and evenings spent on our deck
-Remembering to bring a mask everywhere we go, moments of panic when you realize you forgot it
-Fighting for closeness with Jesus, because my mind is so dang distracted right now
-Worship music always playing through the house (The Blessing on repeat 24/7)
-LOTS of Target pickups (praise hands for target pickups, amiright?!)
-family board games
-Play doh sweet shops and baking championships -so entertaining for my girls!
-Questioning everything when you feel like you have a slight ache in your body or scratch in your throat – (corona?)
-Green tea drinkin
-Grocery budgets flying out the window when you realize you will be home for every meal, feeding five people 3+ times a day
-Knowing God is STILL good and He is still on His throne, not surprised by any of this



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