These are the days of…

These are the days of…

-Chilly mornings, and sipping coffee with my love on our wraparound porch on the weekends
-Seeing moose run through our front yard on the daily
-Rushing in the mornings to get 3 girls up and (2) ready for school on time
-Being WAY TOO excited for the sun coming out, and sunshine till 9pm
-Evenings spent sitting next to C on the couch while he does homework
-Dreaming big dreams
-Charlotte eating goldfish for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. And desperately trying to feed her something besides gold fish and the occasional fruit pouch
-Cold coffee that I microwave at least 4 times a day
-Never using the restroom by myself
-Actually, never really having a free minute to myself, except at the end of the day when I collapse onto the couch when everyone’s in bed. I’m soaking it in though. I know these days are fleeting
-Cooking big dinners and packing the leftovers for C’s lunch the next day
-Podcast listening
-Folding the sweetest piles of laundry, all day every day. It never ends y’all. And i’m thankful
-Oatmeal for breakfast and sharing it with Charlotte
-Hot coffee ready for me when I wake up (thank you hubby)
-Waking up to the sweetest texts from Christian, encouraging me and wishing me the best day with the girls
-Praying and trying to figure out where the Lord is calling us next
-Desperately seeking godly friendships
-Feeling lonely and isolated a lot
-Messy buns and leggings 24/7
-Sitting on the floor for the majority of the day, playing mice or dollhouse with my babies
-Ordering pizza on Friday nights because we’re both just too tired to cook or clean dishes
-Taking vitamins like we never have before because seasonal depression is so real. And the winters are long and hard here
-Teaching our girls and pouring into them every second we can. And constantly feeling like i’m not doing enough
-FaceTiming with family often, because we’ve never been this far away and gone so long without seeing them
-Helping my girls make “dough” with flour and water, for their pretend cooking show games
-Curling up on the couch to watch Netflix before we both pass out mid-show
-SO much to be thankful for, even in the mess
-Worship music in the mornings with Charlotte as we eat breakfast in our PJ’s
-Waking up early and making Christian’s lunch before he leaves for work, cause I always forget the night before
-Being apart of 874927 Facebook mom groups and making most of my friends online
-Dreaming and praying and drawing near to the Lord
-Cleaning up 999 barbie pieces at any given moment
-Running the roomba every day
-Online shopping and buying the teeniest, sweetest girl outfits there ever was
-Being blessed by Alaskan snow-capped mountains and unimaginable beauty daily


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