To My Daughters,

Happy International Women’s Day!!!! Celebrating women everywhere today!!! I absolutely love being a girl mama and i’m so proud to be raising fierce, fearless, powerful women:) In honor of this day, i wanted to share a few thoughts I wrote for my daughters.

Beautiful girls, 
You are worthy. You are enough. You are chosen. You are strong. You are important. You are so very important to the world and to our family. You are LOVED. You are smart. Kind. Bright. You are beautiful. And not just on the outside, but the beauty that lies deep inside you. In your heart. Your spirit. You are brave. The world is better because you are in it. At times you’ll feel small or insignificant. People will tell you that you’re not worthy, that you have to DO something to be worthy or deserving, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You are worthy simply because you are you and because your worth is in Him alone. You are valued. You deserve respect. When you speak, your voice will make a difference. Be bold. You were created to do big things, no matter how small you may sometimes feel. You are warriors. Jesus died for your sins and there is NOTHING you could ever do to earn or lose His love. N O T H I N G, sweet girls. I pray that you would always live in the freedom that comes from that truth. He calls you by name. It is an honor to be your mama, and to have a front row seat to your story. There is nothing i would change about you. And if i don’t tell you often enough, you should know that you are extraordinary.

There is no gift like sisterhood. For all your lives, you will be each others biggest fans. Laugh together and cry together and hold each other tight. I promise you that you will grow up to be the best of friends and that your relationship with each other will be one of the most special ones you have the privilege of knowing. Her successes are never your failures. Always love and honor and celebrate each other. “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” Be life givers. Carry each other. Listen. Trust. Share your biggest secrets. Love hard. Bear each other’s burdens. Cherish one another.

My biggest prayer for you is that you would develop your identity around the truth that you are a masterpiece and loved beyond measure. May you always know this all the days of your lives.

You are joy to me and you have changed me. I am who i am because of you three sister girls. I hope you always know how much i love you. How thankful i am that you are mine. And how proud i am of you.

You are needed. And you are called by name.


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13 responses to “To My Daughters,”

  1. Julie Hood says:

    Melissa, this brought tears to my eyes!!!! Your girls are so lucky to have such an encouraging, thoughtful mom to remind them that they are loved, by you and by Jesus. I love this all so so much!

  2. Mandy Barraza says:

    This is beautiful Mel. They are all so blessed to have you. And it’s true! Sisters are the greatest gift!

  3. This is such a touching and sweet post! The message, the photographs of your adorable daughters, and that absolutely heart-melting letter, all make for a post that brings tears to my eyes! Love it!

  4. Holly Lasha says:

    Oh what beautiful photos!! Love it!!

  5. Nikki says:

    This moved me to tears. <3

  6. Kaelyn Korte says:

    Did you take those pictures??? They are spectacular!!

  7. Brittney says:

    What beautiful words. Also, these photos are incredibly stunning!

  8. Marta says:

    Awe! what a sweet post.
    love the pictures — so stunning!

  9. What a beautiful letter you’ve written to your girls (these photos are also STUNNING!). I so longed for a sister when I was younger (I have two brothers) but I was able to find sister friends. “Sisters” really do make the road a little bit easier.

  10. This is so precious and unique!

  11. Em Smith says:

    Aww you are such a sweet and loving mom! I love all of these images, the movement and their dresses 🙂

  12. SHauna Andrade says:

    What an absolutely beautiful letter your wrote to your daughters! And they look so beautiful among the backdrop of Alaska’s beauty!

  13. Your photos are so beautiful! And so are your words. I hope they always know just how valuable they are and that they are enough. 💙

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